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Business Policy

Protection of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the most important assets of the copyright owners. To protect intellectual property is the most important policy of ilex media. Our plant takes the following actions to protect intellectual property:
  • Advanced security system in the factory.
  • Well management system to avoid any production overrun.
  • Destroying all the left-over discs after orders are shipped.
  • Well storage system for all the master sources,artworks and stampers.
  • Associating with government sectors and global copyright protection associations for copyright verification.


  • Quality

    To upgrade production quality continuously as to achieve the highest quality level.

  • Efficiency

    To increase the turnout and lower the production cost as to make profits and feedback to customers.
    To be responsible for our customers, shareholders and employees as well as the product quality.

  • Sincerity

    To be sincere with people and things.


  • Satisfaction

    To offer the most efficient and considerate services. Customer satisfaction is our best honor.

  • Stability

    To avoid risk from operation.

  • Everlasting

    To achieve a win-win-win result to customers, shareholders and employees.


  • Research & development

    To improve the production quality continuously as to promote the product stability.

  • Innovation

    To innovate products as to meet customer needs.

  • Constructiveness

    To act proactively and constructively and take proper precaution measures against mistakes.

  • Services

    To provide with the best services in all aspects, including good quality products and after-sale services.