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Template you need to design your artwork for the disc label and packing materials.

It is very important we provide you the precise dimension for the packaging type you decide to hold your discs and booklets.

Please send a mail to our service team at serviceteam@ilexmedia.com.tw for the type of die you like to make. Or simply go back to our product list to choose the type of pack you like, fill in your basic information and click the “send” button, our service team will send you the requested artwork template with some guidelines for you to prepare the artwork within 24 hours.

Why not just list the template link for our customers to download by themselves? In our experience we found that can cause some potential issues to waste more time.

For example, even a 4panel cardboard sleeve with pocket can have different folding spine thicknesses and pocket size to accommodate different booklet pages.

To understand precisely and provide accurate template for our customer to design the artwork can prevent time wasting, and prevent back and forth artwork amending.

Upon completion of your artwork, you can send to our checking first. Our designer can do a thorough checking for you to ensure your artwork is set-up good for production. This service is free of charge, and this can help you from wasting money by redoing film template or reprinting.