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Replication QA

We understand any single piece of the master source from our dearest clients is not as simple as it looks like – “A single piece of CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R or DLT”. It contains a lot of time, efforts, knowledge, and expertise from all the creative artist, programmers and professionals.
We make sure we treat this mastering source carefully and strictly follow all standard operation process through the entire production.

Below we list the detailed manufacturing processes of the major key disc making process and some major check points we conduct during each step.

Receipt of mastering source:
a. Check the quality condition of the mastering source.
b. Check the content and title written on the disc surface matching against each other.
c. Check the mastering source matching the ordering items.
d. Virus check.

Mastering (Stamper):
a. Photo-resistance thickness check.
b. Cosmetic check.
c. Stamper thickness check.
d. Stamper center-hole diameter check.
e. Mirror band information check.
f. Check key content set-up matching job traveler, e.g. disc format, program length,
regional code, copy right protection etc.

Injection (Substrate):
a. Tilt check.
b. Birefringence check.
c. Data verification.
d. Disc weight and thickness check.
e. Mute testing.
f. Disc center-hole diameter check.
g. Optical & Mechanical characteristics check
h. Electrical characteristics check.

Sputtering (Reflective layer)& Lacquering (Protective layer):
a. Mask coating cosmetic, area check
b. Reflectivity check
c. Pin hole, black spot check
d. Scratch and bubble check
e. Optical & Mechanical characteristics check
f. Electrical characteristics check.

a. Printing type check, offset V.S. silkscreen.
b. Printing position, registration and hue check.
c. Printing area, layer check.
d. Color matching.
e. Printing surface check, e.g. scratch, spot, chip off, smash.
f. Ink adhesive force check.

a. Quantity check.
b. Assembly order and position check.
c. Bill of materials check.
d. Quality of assembly components check.
e. Over wrapping & Shrink wrapping check.
f. Assortment check.
g. Carton labeling check.